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Cake Flavours

Leslie’s Cakes come in a variety of flavours, both traditional and exotic. Most of our cake recipes have origins in the U.S. Below are just a few of the many cake flavours we do!

Red Velvet

An American favourite, our Red Velvet features Dutch-processed cocoa, beet red colouring, and a fresh cream cheese buttercream filling.


 Passion Fruit Dream

Madagascar vanilla sponge cake filled with passion fruit coulis and Madagascar vanilla mousseline buttercream  


Soft white coconut cake brushed with light rum syrup and filled with lime-coconut buttercream. A great flavour for a summer time celebration or a beach wedding!


A sponge cake from the Deep South with pineapple, banana, coconuts and roasted walnuts. We fill ours with fresh cream cheese buttercream.

Carrot Cake

Our modern take on the traditional Carrot Cake is made with a blend of spices, hand-chopped roasted walnuts and filled with cream cheese buttercream with a touch of lemon zest.


Chocolate Guinness

Moist, deep-flavoured chocolate cake that has a slightly black, ferrous tang from the stout which we add. Filled with salted caramel mousseline buttercream, or caramelised white chocolate ganache.


​​​​German Chocolate Cake

According to legend this American cake was brought to the US by German immigrants. Ours is dark chocolate cake layered with a rich pecan-coconut filling and coated in chocolate ganache.

Tiramisu Cake

Dark chocolate cake enhanced with espresso and layered with a bold Tiramisu buttercream.​​


Lemon Poppy Seed

​Lemon sponge studded with poppy seeds and brushed with lemon syrup, filled with lemon curd and then iced with fresh lemon buttercream. A bright, fresh flavour combination!

Chocolate Mud

A rich, dense, chocolate cake filled with milk or mint chocolate ganache buttercream.


For those with an exotic nature, this cake is available as a vanilla sponge cake, and is layered with our signature chilli pepper buttercream, a flaming combination of taste sensations: salty, peppery, sweet and buttery!

Boozy Fruit Cake

Our luxurious take on a British classic. Dried fruits are hand-cut and soaked in brandy for 72 hours, then combine with a blend of spices to create a moist, delicious cake.

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