Terms and Conditions - Classes


a. You can make a booking for a class using the online booking system, on the website, over the phone or via email. Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer. Credit cards can be accepted through Paypal (2.5% surcharge applies). A place is not secure until full payment has been made and you have received a confirmation by email from Leslie’s Cakes. (If payment was made via Paypal, you will receive a separate email from PayPal confirming your payment, but this is not confirmation of a class place.) You should wait to receive an email confirmation from Leslie’s Cakes (within 48 hours of payment received) before making travel arrangements.
b. Refunds are not available once payment has been made under any circumstances. Please check the dates and times carefully before you book. All class bookings are bound by these terms and conditions whether made online, over the phone, email or in person. If you are booking for someone else, please ensure you tell us the name and email address of the person who will be attending. Otherwise, all information will be sent to you rather than the attendee.
c. We cannot hold class places pending payment under any circumstances.
d. Our classes are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. A place is not secure until full payment has been made. If you have made a booking and no class place is available, Leslie’s Cakes will notify you and offer to transfer to another class or refund your payment.
e. Substitutions for non-attendees will be accepted at our discretion. Full name and contact details need to be provided with sufficient notice before the class.
f. Instalment payments are an option for class bookings at our discretion. If you pay by instalments, your place is secured once you have paid your deposit. If you later fail to make the instalments balance payment by the due date, then you will lose your deposit, any prior payments, and your class place.
g. In the unlikely event that Leslie’s Cakes has to cancel a class, a full refund will be offered. We may also offer a place on another date of the same class, or a suitable alternative if this is not a convenient date. If neither is convenient, a full refund will be given.
h. Class content may change and be updated as needed.
i. Leslie’s Cakes cannot be held liable for any money spent by students, such as travel, accommodation etc. If Leslie’s Cakes has to cancel a class and you have already made travel purchases, we would only be able to refund you for the price you paid for the class. Class Cancellation insurance is widely available to buy online which would cover you for these circumstances. Leslie’s Cakes strongly advise that students arrange insurance to cover unforeseen events which may prevent them from attending their class and seek to cover any class cost or any travel and accommodation costs that have been incurred.
j. Our liability is limited to the cost of the class place only. To the maximum extent permissible in law, Leslie’s Cakes excludes all liability for loss (whether direct, indirect, economic or consequential loss) however incurred by you, arising from any act or omission or failure by Leslie’s Cakes, its owner, employees or contractors in connection with the class.

2. MINIMUM AGE. We do not allow unacompanied children under 16 to attend the class. A child under 16 can attend at our discretion and only with an adult accompanying them who would also have to purchase a place on the class.
3. ARRIVING LATE. If you arrive more than one hour late for your class, you will be unable to join the class as you will be too far behind and this would be unfair to the other students. In this instance you would lose your booking and would not be able to transfer to a later date. Please ensure plenty of time when planning your journey.
4. TAKING PHOTOS/VIDEOS. Photography is permitted only for your personal use. We do not permit videos. We do not permit publication of tutorials based on class content.
5. CLASS INFORMATION. All information given in courses is based on our opinion only and should not be taken as advice in any sense at all. Our opinion is nothing more than an opinion.

6. TRANSPORT OF CAKES. We are in no way responsible for your class creations (cakes, sugar flowers, etc) after you leave the premises. Should anything happen to it/them during transportation, that is your responsibility and we bear no responsibility for your class creations or other belongings once you have left the premises.

7. PROPERTY ON PREMISES. You bring all personally property onto our premises at your own risk. We bear no responsibility for your property at any time when you are on the premises.

8. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. By purchasing a class place you are welcome to copy the designs from that class for the purpose of your own cake making. If you host classes or intend to host classes, you are strictly prohibited from using the designs you learn in a Leslie’s Cakes class, whether be to advertise or to teach. Our classes are designed to improve the skill, knowledge and technique of our students, and we encourage the development of individual expression. Participation in our classes does not infer any permission to reproduce copyright designs or use the intellectual property of Leslie’s Cakes. All of our designs, lesson plans, class format, outlines, structures, photographs, teaching techniques, pre-class information, notes, and wording our website remain the property of Leslie’s Cakes and may not be reproduced as cakes that you sell or class projects that you teach. Class notes may not be reproduced, published or shared.
9. USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS. On occasion, Leslie’s Cakes will take photographs of its classes. We reserve the right to
use any photographs for our own reference, website portfolio or for display and/or promotion without compensation
to you.


Leslie Grant Limited (trading as Leslie’s Cakes) shall not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in
performance of, any of our obligations under these terms and conditions that is caused by events outside our reasonable
control (“Force Majeure Event”).
A Force Majeure Event includes any act, event, non-occurrence, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control and
includes, in particular (but without limitation), the following:

(i) extreme weather conditions preventing cake classes being held or cake delivery or cake collection taking place for any
reason including, but not limited to snow, rain, storm, fire or floods or any natural disaster whatever;
(ii) impossibility or difficulties with the use of any relevant means of public or private transport for any reason;
(iii) impossibility or difficulties with the use of public or private telecommunications networks;
(iv) inability to receive materials necessary for weddings or events due to a third party supplier failure which was beyond
Leslie’s Cakes’ control;
(v) civil unrest, riots, strikes, transport delays and anything connected with such events.


Our obligations under these terms and conditions are suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues, and we will have an extension of time to perform these obligations for the duration of that period.

In the case of weddings and other events, should a Force Majeure Event prevent the making or delivery of cake(s), we will use reasonable endeavours to find an alternative solution including delivery of the cake(s) on a different date. No refund can be provided if the Force Majeure Event occurs 14 days or less before the wedding or other event.

Once payment has been paid, a contract will be non-cancellable by the customer. Ordering mistakes by customers will not
constitute grounds of cancellation. Notwithstanding the above, acceptance of cancellation by Leslie’s Cakes in exceptional
circumstances and any refund or part refund will be solely at the discretion of the proprietor of Leslie’s Cakes.


To the maximum extent permissible in law, the proprietor Leslie’s Cakes excludes all liability to any loss or consequential loss however incurred by the Customer, arising from any or omission or failure by Leslie’s Cakes in connection with the contract.


In any event the maximum liability of the proprietor of Leslie’s Cakes will be not more that the purchase price of the products or services under the contract, should the contract be cancelled for any reason.

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